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[FEATURE REQ] Show Stack name in Service's links pulldown

(Sebastianvilla) #1

When you have multiple stacks with services that are labelled the same (i.e. web or db), it is difficult to identify which service you want to link to from the UI, since it only displays the service’s name, but not the stack it belongs to.

One could label services like stack-service but that doesn’t seem like a good practice.

The pulldown could display something like:

stack1 > web
stack1 > db
stack2 > web
stack2 > redis

Note: this also applies to the Classic UI

(Kristofer Karlsson) #2

+1 on this one. Was supposed to request this myself last week but didn’t have the time to do so.

I use stacks for blue/green deployment and it’s annoying not to see the stack name in the service linking when re-linking my loadbalancer.

(Sebastianvilla) #3

Also, have you run into the issue of having two containers called “web” in different stacks for example, and if one is already linked to your LB you can’t link the second one, the UI does note add it in the Classic UI. The New Ui is worse, because it does not even show the stack’s ID so you are working blindly to identify which container is which.

(Kickingthetv) #4

Thanks for the feedback!

I agree this would be very helpful; we’ll look into adding this into the New UI.

(Kristofer Karlsson) #5

Any EAT on this?

Don’t seem like it should be a big deal to add as the service object probably has a reference to the stack.

It’s really annoying that you can’t easily see if you’re linking up nginx in stack1 or stack2.