Feature request: Dockefile support for short urls

this guide (issue #4): http://bit.ly/2n3poV8 recommends the use of a “dumb-init” process available from https://github.com/Yelp/dumb-init/releases/download/v1.1.1/dumb-init_1.1.1_amd64, which I included in my Dockerfile as:

ADD http://bit.ly/2ohusGy /usr/local/bin/dumb-init

you can verify that the bit.ly short url points to the correct location, however, Docker crashes like this:

 ---> 655a90a80e1e
Step 6/22 : ADD http://bit.ly/2ohusGy /usr/local/bin/dumb-init
ERROR: Service 'www' failed to build: Get http://bit.ly/2ohusGy: dial tcp: lookup bit.ly on no such host

could we add support in the Dockerfile for short urls?

it works, just you are behind a proxy or your dns does not support bit.ly

Here my Dockerfile and docker build:

$ docker build .
Sending build context to Docker daemon  2.048kB
Step 1/2 : FROM ubuntu:14.04
14.04: Pulling from library/ubuntu
30d541b48fc0: Pull complete
8ecd7f80d390: Pull complete
46ec9927bb81: Pull complete
2e67a4d67b44: Pull complete
7d9dd9155488: Pull complete
Digest: sha256:62a5dce5ceccd7f1cb2672a571ebee52cad1f08eec9b57fe4965fb0968a9602e
Status: Downloaded newer image for ubuntu:14.04
 ---> 7c09e61e9035
Step 2/2 : ADD http://bit.ly/2ohusGy /usr/local/bin/dumb-init
Downloading  42.65kB/42.65kB
 ---> db5cb36362dc
Removing intermediate container 2f5a3a6a6425
Successfully built db5cb36362dc
[node1] (local) root@ ~/test
$ cat Dockerfile
FROM ubuntu:14.04

ADD http://bit.ly/2ohusGy /usr/local/bin/dumb-init

But I think you should not use the shortened urls. Normally you also would add an ENV like DUMB_INIT_VERSION=1.1.1 and use this within the URL.

that’s strange… Safari will retrieve the file from the short url and I’m building on the same machine as where Safari’s running. I have no proxy and the DNS should be the same