Feature Request: Docker Delay

The delay feature of docker is incredibly needed. If I am trying to launch a stack of services using deploy, I want an option for service #2 to wait to spin up until after service #1 has started. In this case by started I mean if I run docker service ls I want to see that service #1 has 1/1 replicas or whatever I am expecting (not 0/*). This is what I believe the depends on tag should do, but it doesn’t.

A use example of this would be the following:
I have a service that tests all of my other services that I want to run with my stack and then spin down. But of course all of the services that are being tested need to be up and running before the test service runs itself. This would be immensely useful.

depends just waits until that container is started so it really isn’t that useful.

I got around this by using a script that will loop until it detects that the other service is up, and then it’ll actually start the real service

I have done the same. It isn’t a difficult work around, however, the work around should not be needed. This software should be powerful and robust enough to support this feature as I am sure many other devs would benefit from this addition.