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Feature request or something similar about containers

(Meszarosl) #1

All the UI and the other thing are very-very cool.
But on containers page I see only those containers which are running, the stopped ones, deads or created containers can’t be seen there.
And if I would like to remove containers from UCP I can’t do it unless I don’t destroy them in running state.
Or an orher use-case what if I would like to stop a container for a minute and start it from UI ?

(John) #2

There should be a drop down near Deploy Container > Change from Hide Stopped and system to Show all.

Stopped containers show with a red light, you can select them and then hit Remove.

(Aghendrikc) #3

Am I doing something wrong, or being stupid?

Because I really am not seeing that dropdown?

(John) #4

Nope its not there, I think your on 0.4? Try the 0.5 release

(Aghendrikc) #5

Thanks for the reply John,

I installed following these instructions.

Looking at the orca tags, I assume 0.5 is the latest?

Please excuse me if this is a stupid question, but seeing as how this is all running as containers, which presumably had all kinds of config done to them, how would I go about upgrading?

(John) #6

dockerorca/ucp should be the .5 version. I think thats the switch between orca > ucp.

You might have to do a “fresh-install” from that change. But future ones you should be able to use the upgrade flag.

(Banjot) #7

@wiebjr found our latest release before we announced. +100!

I’ll be posting new installation instructions for downloading and installing UCP 0.5 shortly. But yes, 0.5 has an upgrade option and will allow you to see stopped containers. When you do either a --fresh-install or upgrade, the running containers not related to UCP remain running, there is no interruption to running containers (except to UCP itself) as a result of upgrading UCP.

(Meszarosl) #8


Thanks. Is there any major difference between the previous installation process and the current ?

(Banjot) #9

no major differences in how you install UCP from the previous orca-bootstrap container. Aside from the upgrade and HA options, the basic installation process is the same.

(Meszarosl) #10

Ok thanks. Then I try the basic and later try with HA and upgrade options.

(Aghendrikc) #11

Well that explains a few things :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, got the new instructions, uninstalled 0.4, installed 0.5, all seems well with installation process.

Stopped containers are accessible as promised.