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Feedback: Overwriting Toolbox's binaries was unexpected

(Stephen Scott) #1

This is more of a general feedback message than a bug, so the form below isn’t a perfect fit, but nonetheless…

Expected behavior

Docker for Mac installer should notice there are existing Docker Toolbox binaries in /usr/local/bin and rename them to eg. docker.backup

Actual behavior

Docker for Mac overwrites the binaries installed by Docker Toolbox in /usr/local/bin

(If I had read the docs before installing, I would have known this, but I got excited)



Steps to reproduce the behavior

  1. Install Docker Toolbox
  2. Install Docker for Mac

Overall, I am actually pretty impressed with how well Docker for Mac works on a system that is already using Docker Toolbox. Also, it turned out on my system that the versions installed by Docker for Mac were the same as what had already been installed by Docker Toolbox, so I didn’t run into any issues. But when I visited the docs I was surprised to see that the default behavior was to just overwrite the binaries (although I can understand the reasoning, to a degree).

(Scott M. Likens) #2

I expected it to overwrite the binaries as it was asking me permission to do so.