File not found for etc/default/appname/config.clj

Hi there!

I am trying to run my app through docker and some errors came up. Here is one of the errors:
/etc/default/appname/config.clj — file not found

My understanding of this is that the etc/default folder stores the file that contains configuration that is likely to remain static.

As I am running the docker image locally, I am unsure what needs to be done in order to locate the folder.

Your help will be much appreciated!

Basically, I am looking for some guidance or examples that will help me to understand what kind of configuration needs to be achieved.

Thank you.

What application gives you that “file not found” message?
/etc/default folder is usually for services running under systemd. I have never seen an app inside a Docker container looking for files in /etc/default

Thanks rimelek for your reply. You are totally correct! That was indeed a third-party app that was requesting this folder.