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Files not Saving in the Container?

(Anothervenue) #1

Might be a docker issue, but also might be a VMWare issue so I apologize if not mega relevant.

I’m running my environment as a series of Docker containers on top of VMWare. It’s a basic Rails/Redis/Postgres linked container environment.

I use Atom to edit code, but often files (actually most now), don’t seem to get saved in the Docker container when I save them. So I’ll edit a file in Atom, and when I save, livereload will trigger and…nothing.

This issue happens with Atom, Sublime and Rubymine.

Anything I change with Vim, takes immediately.

(Anothervenue) #2

I’d give you links to my docker-compose.yml and Dockerfile but Discuss is stopping me as I’m a new user.