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From scratch, installing a Magento 2 system in a Docker container

Ok, so I am new to docker and pushing away from LAMP setups to go into a 100% cloud and github environment.

My first assignment is to build out and install Magento 2 into a Linux Ubuntu environment, from my Windows 10 machine (I know this is easier on a Mac and from a Linux box, but this is what I am working with, until I can get the cloud set up and ssh directly from there).

I am seeking a step-by-step, but I will settle with a push in the right direction to configure this and make it workable and demonstrable, to myself and clients.

Any help is appreciated, thanks.

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I wont create a developer stack for magento from windows 10 pro. I installed docker windows and enabled wsl2 with debian distro, and i have phpstorm ide.

I wont know if this is good way for developing from windows 10 , use docker and which are the best docker project with apache or nginx, elastich search, varnish and redis for m2 ce in windows.

Thank you