Frontail / Logging on Raspberry Pi


I’m using a Raspberry Pi 4 and i’m searching for a logging container like mthenw/frontail. But if I’ve seen it correctly, it’s not working with the architecture of Raspberry Pis.

Does somebody know an alternative, or how to handle this?

Thank you


you can easily build the container at your own. Clone the repository to your Pi, change to the folder frontail and run docker build -t your_user/your_tag .. After the image was successfully build you have to exchange the image name in the run command docker run -d -P -v /var/log:/log your_user/your_tag /log/syslog. I did a quick test and got the container running on a Pi but there was no output in the browser.

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Frontail was working without any output?

Yes, that’s right. The container was running, but the browser didn’t show anything.