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Future of digital marketing: Machine learning algorithms

(robsarah) #1

Machine learning is now the future of digital marketing. But only few of the SEO experts are showing their inclination towards it. Experts primarily use the on-page and off page SEO techniques as machine language is still a name and not so much to think about. Machine language has not even changed the landscape of SEO. But if the same trend of negligence is taken forward by SEO experts and they remain blind eye at it, they will definitely be left behind. Usage of machine learning algorithms on site’s visibility will only increase with time.

(Ovais Mirza) #2

I do agree here with robsarah about the machine learning algorithms of Google and other search engines… I too have noticed it lots of time using Google… Google is actually learning about whatever Iam searching in it and thus showing me the results accordingly… Thanks For digital marketing course that i have learnt from DICC…