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Get current service replicas via Docker API


(Bhartm3) #1

I’m trying to get the current replica status of a service in the swarm. So far I only found

  "Mode": {
                "Replicated": {
                    "Replicas": 10

in the /services GET which is the desired amount of replicas but not current. Is there a place in the API that provides this info like in:

# docker service ls
ID                  NAME                                     MODE                REPLICAS            IMAGE   PORTS
klp0m5vt2h4s        image1   replicated          10/10        

Thank you!

(Caub) #2

I created this issue

if the API with tasks and filters query work correctly, this could give the number of tasks running for a service and the total tasks for a service. This is what docker service ls command does