Get the old Docker images and containers back into operation

I lost track as well. i agree with Akos, Its time for a clean cut. Neither vmware, nor configuring context path in spring, nor dns name resolution on your host are releated to docker - those are things where your own research is necessary.

We started of with Kitematic and how to replace it and drifted off to questions not specific to docker.

I solved the IP problem. On Linux it is simpler than on Windows, just type:
There is no need to search for an IP with these codes:
docker inspect --format = ‘{{range .NetworkSettings.Networks}} {{. Gateway}} {{end}}’
docker inspect --format = ‘{{range .NetworkSettings.Networks}} {{. IPAddress}} {{end}}’
There is no need to configure vmware differently.
Also, it is convenient for me to use localhost for all services.
Everything solved!
Thanks guys, you have been very patient