Getting Docker Error response when running Docker via Vagrant

I’m trying to setup a proper vagrant/docker/virtualbox/git environment as part of setup in a new textbook I working through for something called “Scrapy” (the textbook is called “Learning Scrapy”) to be used for scraping data from websites.

So far I’ve been able to successfully install Vagrant (1.9.6), Docker (client: 17.05.0-ce, server 17.06.0-ce), and Virtualbox (5.1.20 r114628 (Qt 5.6.2) on a Win 10 Enterprise 2015 system.

My problem is I seem to be getting an error from Docker when I try to run it as directed in the textbook using this command(from the windows command prompt screen):

vagrant up --no-parallel

which then yields the following content (which seems to indicate a docker error of some kind):

spark:   Port: 30008:30008
spark:   Port: 30009:30009

A Docker command executed by Vagrant didn’t complete successfully!
The command run along with the output from the command is shown

Command: “docker” “run” “–name” “spark” “-d” “-p” “21:21” “-p” “30000:30000” “-p” “30001:30001” “-p” “30002:30002” “-p” “30003:30003” “-p” “30004:30004” “-p” “30005:30005” “-p” “30006:30006” “-p” “30007:30007” “-p” “30008:30008” “-p” “30009:30009” “-v” “var\lib\docker\docker_1499438868_20338:/root/book” “-h” “spark” “scrapybook/spark”

Stderr: docker: Error response from daemon: create var\lib\docker\docker_1499438868_20338: volume name invalid: “var\lib\docker\docker_1499438868_20338” includes invalid characters for a local volume name, only “[a-zA-Z0-9][a-zA-Z0-9_.-]” are allowed.
See ‘docker run --help’.


I didn’t notice anything obvious under the “docker run --help” list either.
So I’m stuck at this point and would appreciate any help offered since this is all a bit new to me.