Getting error when pulling google/test image


Windows-10 WSL
OS: NAME=“Ubuntu”
VERSION=“20.04.5 LTS (Focal Fossa)”

Cmd and error

$ docker pull google/test
Using default tag: latest
Error response from daemon: manifest for google/test:latest not found: manifest unknown: manifest unknown

Should this image be removed from the Docker Hub to prevent others from wasting their time in trying to use it?

You mean “should the repository be removed?” as there already is no tag, and therefor no image. You wasted time, either because you didn’t check and/or understood that there is actually no image to pull in this repository.

It indeed looks odd that google has a verified test repo with no image in it.

Thank you! You’re right; I didn’t have a complete understanding of tagging and availability. I think if a repository has no image, it should be removed. This way, users wouldn’t need to see the link in searches.

To be more precise, Google as a publisher is verified, not the repository :slight_smile:
Since the repository is 6 years old, I guess they created it as the first repo to test if it works and left there in case they need it in the future. I also have some test repos and some of them are public so I could push an image of someone else to test if pulling the image works from my repo. True, I am not a verified publisher :slight_smile:

Good catch with verified publisher vs verified repository. Of course, it’s verified publisher.