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Getting issue while creating dockerfile using image2docker tool for linux

(Priyarani) #1

Hello guyz,
I am using image2docker-linux for automate dockerfile ( getting issue :-

root@priya-VirtualBox:/home/priya/communitytools-image2docker-linux/output# …/bin/v2c-linux64 build -n /home/priya/Downloads/VHD/Ubuntu_Server.vmdk
Running image transformation.
Unpacked input will not be cleaned up upon completion.
Using existing unpacked image.
Creating container for v2c/centos-detective:v6.8
Creating container for v2c/runit-detective:ubuntu-v16.04.3
Creating container for v2c/ubuntu-detective:v16.04.3
Creating container for vc2/app.glassfish3-detective:1
Creating container for vc2/app.glassfish4-detective:1
Creating container for v2c/init.tomcat-detective:1
Creating container for v2c/app.tomcat8.5.5-detective:1
Creating container for v2c/runit-detective:ubuntu-v16.10
Creating container for v2c/init.apache2-sysv.detective:2
Creating container for v2c/runit-detective:ubuntu-v16.04.1
Creating container for v2c/runit-detective:ubuntu-v16.04
Creating container for v2c/runit-detective:ubuntu-v14.04.5
Creating container for v2c/conf.mysql5-data.detective:1
Creating container for v2c/conf.apache2-etc.detective:1
Creating container for v2c/conf.apache2-var-www.detective:1
Creating container for v2c/app.apt-repl.detective:1
Creating container for v2c/ubuntu-detective:v14.04.5
Creating container for v2c/ubuntu-detective:v16.10
Creating container for v2c/ubuntu-detective:v16.04.1
Creating container for v2c/ubuntu-detective:v16.04
No results for v2c/centos-detective:v6.8 code: 2
No results for v2c/runit-detective:ubuntu-v16.04.1 code: 2
No results for v2c/ubuntu-detective:v16.04 code: 2
No results for v2c/runit-detective:ubuntu-v16.04.3 code: 2
No results for v2c/init.tomcat-detective:1 code: 1
No results for v2c/runit-detective:ubuntu-v14.04.5 code: 2
No results for v2c/ubuntu-detective:v16.04.1 code: 2
No results for v2c/conf.apache2-var-www.detective:1 code: 1
No results for v2c/runit-detective:ubuntu-v16.04 code: 2
No results for v2c/runit-detective:ubuntu-v16.10 code: 2
No results for v2c/conf.apache2-etc.detective:1 code: 1
No results for vc2/app.glassfish3-detective:1 code: 1
No results for v2c/init.apache2-sysv.detective:2 code: 1
No results for v2c/ubuntu-detective:v16.10 code: 2
No results for v2c/app.tomcat8.5.5-detective:1 code: 2
No results for v2c/ubuntu-detective:v14.04.5 code: 2
No results for v2c/conf.mysql5-data.detective:1 code: 1
No results for v2c/ubuntu-detective:v16.04.3 code: 2
No results for vc2/app.glassfish4-detective:1 code: 1
Result found for:
Creating container for v2c/app.apt-repl.provisioner:1
The transport volume remains intact.
No operating system detected or provisioned.

Please provide solution …!