Getting list of repository tags, response httperror 404: object not found

Hi everyone!

I’m using a PowerShell script to retrieve a list of my repository tags:

$header = @{Authorization="JWT {Access Token}"}
$url = "{namespace}/repositories/{repository}/tags"
$response = Invoke-RestMethod -Uri $url -Headers $header
$response.results | Select-Object name,last_updated | Format-Table -AutoSize

But I’m getting a 404 code:

    "message": "httperror 404: object not found",
    "errinfo": {
        "namespace": "{namespace",
        "repository": "{repository}"

Tried in Postman also, but it’s the same. Is there a trick on this? It seems so simple, yet I couldn’t solve it.

PD: Yes, I already checked the names twice as well as the Access Token.