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Getting memory error while I save configuration in datapower container

(Benessan) #1

Hi Team,

Can you please help me on the issue.

I am new to docker.

After a considerable time I am able to install docker to Centos.

Then I installed a datapower docker.

But, while I save the configuration using GUI version of datapower am getting some memory error. As am facing this error I think someone might already faced it.

Can you please me on the issue.

Below are the logs I have for the docker.

idg(config)# 20170810T234610.495Z [0x8100003f][mgmt][notice] domain(default): tid(319): Domain configuration has been modified.
20170810T234610.496Z [0x00350014][mgmt][notice] web-mgmt(WebGUI-Settings): tid(303): Operational state up
20170810T234745.935Z [0x806000bb][ssl][error] ssl-server(webgui-ssl): tid(179)[] gtid(65622cce598cf0a1000000b3): error writing to connection: system error (32)
20170810T234921.041Z [0x80400006][system][error] : tid(8191): Cannot create a temporary file.
20170810T234921.041Z [0x81000010][system][critic] : tid(8191): write mem: Cannot create temp file
20170810T234921.041Z [0x8100000f][system][critic] : tid(8191): Failed to save configuration to 'config:///auto-startup.cfg’
20170810T234921.041Z [0x8100003c][mgmt][critic] domain(default): tid(8191): Domain configuration not saved.
20170810T234921.041Z [0x810000d2][cli][error] : tid(4019): Saving configuration failed - An internal routine could not create a temporary file…
20170810T234921.041Z [0x81000224][cli][error] : tid(4019): === Line 2: write memory

Below is the link I referred to install docker container for datapower.

Can you help me why get this error, am able modify the config, but can’t able to save it. If I can’t save it if any restart to docker I will lose my data. Please help.

Some more information, I have a linux Centos Vm where I installed the docker.

Docker version 17.03.1-ce, build c6d412e

Linux Centos 3.10.0-693.el7.x86_64


(Prashant) #2

Permission issue for docker daemon to datapower mounted file system.
#chmod 777 local
#chmod 777 config
Hope this should help ‘write mem’ command to write to these directories.