Gitlab-runner and Docker woes


I’m trying to configure gitlab-runner with the docker executor on a Gentoo x86 machine. Gitlab-Runner keeps telling me that docker is failing to create the container. Indeed when I observe the Docker log files I see the following in the output :

time="2017-08-03T04:05:57.685823038+02:00" level=debug msg="devmapper: AddDevice START(hash=c1e1d39ef488320e72c0e9d849d3156d32c6bfdb9d5ae6c8da91a2d036d5bad9-init basehash=1c653ad220f7ffd788c10c405107eedbd47618baf3bd904ae0001a4f57da115e)"
time="2017-08-03T04:05:57.686245014+02:00" level=debug msg="devmapper: Failed to read /var/lib/docker/devicemapper/metadata/c1e1d39ef488320e72c0e9d849d3156d32c6bfdb9d5ae6c8da91a2d036d5bad9-init with err: open /var/lib/docker/devicemapper/metadata/c1e1d39ef488320e72c0e9d849d3156d32c6bfdb9d5ae6c8da91a2d036d5bad9-init: no such file or directory"

Which confuses me to no end since I can readily create images and run the containers in docker as the primary user. It’s clear that gitlab is connecting to docker but somehow when it does docker fails to create the container. I can’t seem to append files to my posts but will happily post the logs and docker health check if it’s necessary.

P.S. I’m not entirely sure if this pertains to the Docker Enginer but it was the closest match to Docker that I cold see.

Run GitLab Runner in a container, link for the support: