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Giving Windows container a public IP

I am trying to give a Windows container an IP other then localhost (when I look in Docker Desktop for Windows), but without success.
Below is my current file, does anyone see what’s wrong?

version: "2.4"
        driver: nat
            driver: windows
            - subnet:
        build: ./PublicSystem
            - public

Where did the edit button go? Is there some kind of limit to how many edits you can make? I was going to give the post a better title, the current one is maybe a bit unclear?

Accessing the Docker containers
On the host machine, go to the Docker working directory where you earlier deployed the Docker image package files (/mdm).
Run the Docker list command to get a list of all the Docker containers running in your system: docker container ls.
For terminal access, attach to each InfoSphere MDM Docker container, as needed.

Thanks again for your answer, but I don’t think that was what I was asking for. I want the container to show up in my network as it’s own device.

Is this possible on Windows? I have only seen Linux examples.