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GlusterFS (or similar) for distributed volumes in Docker Cloud

(Geoff Bowers) #1

Has anyone got a working implementation of GlusterFS (or equivalent tech) working in Docker Cloud?

We’re looking at migrating out of an existing on-prem solution that is using GlusterFS to manage a distributed file system. I don’t think we really care what the solution is provided we don’t have to re-tool all the apps to use an alternative file system; they currently just look at a “local volume” and GlusterFS takes care of distributing that across the nodes.

Ideally I’d want something that works on a “standard” Docker Cloud AWS node rather than having to maintain our own nodes; ie. BYON. And that can be deployed via a stackfile as containers.

At this point, would be happy to hear about anything robust, anyone has working within Docker Cloud environment.

(Kevin Truckenmiller) #2

Yeah I just created an auto scaling group that has a launch configuration with user data that auto mounts an EFS volume so that all my nodes can use it. Pretty dead simple the only issue is that you can’t do it using docker cloud, you have to have your nodes auto register themselves with docker cloud when they are ready.

(Geoff Bowers) #3

Thanks for sharing! We like the look of an EFS too…

But impossible in our region as it doesn’t support EFS (with no ETA from Amazon forthcoming) :frowning:

(Markku Virtanen) #4

We have been using ObjectiveFS for a year. It works great and their support is superb. Highly recommended!

(Geoff Bowers) #5

Would you mind sharing a sanitised Stackfile? Or is it something you have to install onto the host node?

(Markku Virtanen) #6

ATM it is installed on host node(s). You can mount it inside container if you want, I haven’t tested that so I cannot tell how that works. We have multiple workers which are connected to the OFS mount via NFS as that will give you instant sync. If you use separate OFS mounts on all servers, they tend to have little latency (from 200ms to couple of seconds sometimes) as its indexing and compacting in the background.