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Got problem when deploy an application onto UCP


(Bill Wang) #1

Following below url to set application in UCP

At step 2 - 12, I got below error:

root@ip-172-31-4-2:~/deploy-app/bundle# docker info
An error occurred trying to connect: Get x509: certificate is valid for,,, not
root@ip-172-31-4-2:~/deploy-app/bundle# is public IP, is private IP. How to fix this?

(Alm. Brand Docker admins) #2

You should add the public IP to the SAN list when you install the UCP controller (see

(Bill Wang) #4

still work on this issue, seems missing some steps when install ucp (but not in documents)

None of the hostnames we'll be using in the UCP certificates [ip-172-31-4-2] contain a domain component.  Your generated certs may fail TLS validation unless you only use one of these shortnames or IPs to connect.  You can use the --san flag to add more aliases

(Bill Wang) #5

Thanks a lot @almdocker

The problem has been fixed after uninstall ucp and reinstall ucp with additional option I added:


But not sure, how to add more list.

--san --san


--san ","

(Vivek Saraswat) #6

Hi Bill,

It is the second. so:
--san foo --san bar --san etc

You can find examples if you add --help after --san.