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Graphical output from FEniCS not available on localhost


A FEniCS application is available on Docker, and the provided demos can be accessed on Windows 10 Professional with the following invocation:
docker run -ti -p -v %cmd%:/home/fenics/shared -w /home/fenics/shared](

When one of these demos is finished, the output is available on localhost, just as it should be. I haven’t posted here before, so I can’t give localhost here in the form of a link.

In Debian Buster (and other Linux x64, presumably), the same command, but with %cmd% replaced, does not result in a display on localhost, instead it says: “The connection was reset.” I suppose it’s a networking issue of some kind that appears in Linux but not in Windows, but I’m too new to Docker to speculate on the exact reason for it. Since I use both OS, I would be interested in knowing what the problem is, rather than doing it exclusively on Windows. (In Debian I’m using the version of Docker that is provided with that distro’s package management system.)