Guidance needed for docker on remote server

I have this fedora server running and I would like run some services in docker containers. What I would like to do is create the docker images on my mac and push them to my server (something like that would be nice I guess).

I would like some links/info to get started, any help would be appreciated ?


Two basic options:

  1. docker save the images after you create them, scp them to the target host, and docker load them there
  2. Set up a private registry (or use Docker Hub or another public registry service)

Setting up a registry is effort, but it’s a better long-term solution. In part, it will easily let you upload/download only updated layers. If you can’t/won’t set up a registry, docker save/docker load works just fine, with the one caveat that docker save will save every layer every time; if you do wind up with really big layers you might find this kind of cumbersome.

My other comment here is to do as much testing as you can on your local setup before trying to push things across to the “real” server. You might find the Docker Toolbox/Docker Machine setup to be closer to the Fedora native environment than the Docker for Mac application.

Thanks for the answer. I will try this!