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Haproxy container cannot start (FIXED)


(Tudocker) #1

Consider this problem fixed by change the image. Good day!

Hi, I am new to Docker Cloud, and I am creating a haproxy with latest image tag, linked to my service.
After I created the haproxy container, it’s cannot be started with error:

2016-04-02T00:27:49.917927500Z <7>haproxy-systemd-wrapper: executing /usr/local/sbin/haproxy -p /run/ -f /usr/local/etc/haproxy/haproxy.cfg -Ds 
2016-04-02T00:27:49.924895200Z [ALERT] 092/002749 (7) : Could not open configuration file /usr/local/etc/haproxy/haproxy.cfg : No such file or directory
2016-04-02T00:27:49.924911400Z <5>haproxy-systemd-wrapper: exit, haproxy RC=256

How to fix this issue?

Thanks in advance.