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Haproxy to send a webhoook or event if response time increases to a given time

(Mwaaas) #1

Am trying to develop a scalable system using haproxy and docker-cloud as the paas. Am using dockercloud/haproxy(docker container) which has already solved the problem of reconfigure haproxy whenever the backend servers are scaled up or down.

Scaling in docker-cloud is very easy, with few clicks you can scale your containers, the main challenge I have now is autoscalling. I want a way to autoscale my backend servers when the response time reaches a given response time.

To do this I need haproxy to send webhook of average response time in the last 5 minutes. I can use the haproxy stat to get the response time. problem is the haproxy stat always gives stats of the last 1024 request and if I use the haproxy stat I would have to write code to interpret the stat.

Does anyone know something that has already be done for this kind of problem.

To sumarize, am looking for a tool(or haproxy it self) that can trigger autoscaling of my backend servers ( more like the away elasticbeanstalk’s load balancer can trigger autoscaling)