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Hardware assisted virtualization & data execution protection must be enabled in BIOS. Error

Hi Guys.

Hope you can help. I have been at it for 10 hours. Tried 6 different You Tube, countless written examples.

I want to put PiHole on my Win 10Pro PC.

I have tried Virtual Machine and that was not working. I tried Docker 4 times and that is not working.

But I think…I think, Docker is the better option.

But I keep getting this error “Hardware assisted virtualization and data execution protection must be enabled in the BIOS. See troubleshoot#virtualistaion…

When I try to copy and past the above I get: Breakdown on Hammer Mill.???

I have worked though the link and still cannot get Docker to work.

I am worn out. Can anyone help.

(I cannot find a link to advise me of a reply…so here is my email -