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Helm Charts On Docker EE


(Thorsalgado) #1

Actually im trying to execute a helm chart on a Docker EE Cluster in Azure, created on premisse, 1 master and 2 nodes, Im able to connect my client bundle to the client of master and send Helm commands to the cluster, but the pods never became ready, always stay pending, look down there:

root@vtgit02:/opt/clientbundle# kubectl get pods
nginx-7d749c9b8b-drz97 0/1 Pending 0 10m
nginx-7d749c9b8b-gdxwp 0/1 Pending 0 10m
nginx-7d749c9b8b-rgdwm 0/1 Pending 0 10m

I wanna know if there is any materials about Helm Charts setup for Docker ee, tryed the setup of GitLab but its for Kubernetes Vanilla, there are some tutorials and setups for GKE and EKS, but none for Docker EE, could anyone help me ?