Help with new cloud project

Hi guys,

Im starting a new project in my company but first i want to install for myself for testing purposes.

The project consists on installing
owncloud+mariadb+(redis or nginx) i haven’t decided yet.

I want to use swarm so i can have the resiliance and self healing capabilities.

The problem right now is where to start, at this point the only project i did was a ELk stack with docker-compose.

From a little reading the most elegant whay to do this is using docker stacks and from what i’ve been reading i need to write my compose file with version 3 or higher.

The difficult part for me is to glue all this pieces in one compose file.

At this moment i have a fedora 29 (vm) with docker and docker compose installed, i’ve pull’d all the images that i needed and right now any documentation in how to do this would be a great help.

Below are the 2 links that i’ve found being the most usefull, but i need to rewrite the file to version 3.

If anyone tried already to do this kind of project or have any kind of information that can give me a little push, i would appreciated.

/Luis Pedro