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Help with research game


I am currently doing research into Hybrid Intelligent teams (human - AI collaboration) and for that I would like to run a ‘game’ designed by another research team.

Unfortunately, programming isn’t my strongest suit and I am having great trouble in running this ‘game’. I am sincerely asking if anybody would be able to help me along in my endeavors.

The github link is the following:

I am pretty sure the game requires python, and so I have installed that, next to that I installed docker as it is required as well. However, after struggling for two days in Powershell, I have not made any progress in actually running the game. I am unsure of what to do, whether I should create a docker image or whether I should be able to run the game in much simpler fashion.

According to the creator I should just do this:

./ local.env ./  //Create a container with MS-SQL database
./ local.env ./  //Create a container with the application backend
./ local.env ./  //Create tables in the database
./ local.env ./  //Run the appication server
./ local.env ./  //Build a new game

However, I am unsure of how to do so.

Any help whatsoever is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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As far as I can say … these scripts are ment to run in a bash shell (Linux Subsystem) under Windows.

It requires you install docker inside the Linux-Subsystem (plus python).
Following the order of the scripts, it’ll pull “stuff”, create a DB und run “stuff” afterwards.

However the crucial file is local.env. Change the setting so it matches your system. Then execute the scripts in the given order as “root” user.