Help with understanding docker use case scenario


I am currently working on building a platform based on serverless architecture. Since the platform is distributed in nature, I was wondering the role dockers could play in this. Essentially what I will have are micro service instances that are spawned upon the arrival of requests. I am unsure whether to use dockers to spawn the service instances within them, i.e have one docker image associated with one service type.
The problem I am observing is the usage of disk space. If I create a docker image associated with each service, and let us say I have around a 100 services, the disk space required to build these docker images is quite substantial (i.e min size of image is approx 80 mb, thus requiring 80 * 100 mb of space to store the docker images). I am wondering whether this is the way to go forward or is there some other solution that is far more effective and resource saving?


if you instantiate 80 times a 100 mb image as docker containers, then it does not need 80*100 mb. Ideally it just requires 0 bytes.
if you have 80 different images, then ideally just the last layer is changed, meaning the 100 mb are used once and the other 79 changed layers just include the different binary.