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How can I change my docker hub username

(Vinod Purushothaman) #1

Hi Guys,

I want to change my docker hub username retaining my email id. Please help me solve this issue.

(Andy Rothfusz) #2

You’ll need to create a support ticket in
We can’t rename your account if you have any repositories, so you’ll have to follow these steps first:

  1. docker pull every image and every tag you want to keep
  2. delete all the repositories under the account
  3. file a ticket on using your current account and let us know the new name you would like.
  4. the Support team will rename your account and let you know they’re done.
  5. docker tag all of your images with the new user name
  6. docker push each of your images up to Hub. This should be really quick since the image itself is still on the Hub (all you did in step 2 was remove the tags on those images, so you shouldn’t really need to upload the binary parts again)

If you had automated builds instead of manually-pushed images, then you’ll need to set up each of those on the new account.

(Vinod Purushothaman) #3

Thank you Andy Rothfusz. I have created a support ticket in to change my username.

(Jerry Baker) #4

This thread is no longer accurate. Setting as archived.


(Jerry Baker) #5