How can I change the amd64 image to arm64?

Hello, I’m novice in docker. Sorry for elementary question.

I want to install volumio in my odroid N2 using docker container.

However, I cannot find volumio image for arm64V8.

Just I can find this image, Docker Hub .

I installed jbonjean/volumio image. But this image could not be run in odroid N2 because platform is different.

So I want to change jbonjean/volumio image to arm64V8 platform. But I don’t know how to change.

Please let me know… Thank you.

The platform is not just a flag or metadata that you can change. It just tells you which architecture the image and every binaries inside that were built for. If you have the sourcode of that image, you can rebuild it but only if the base image have a compatible version with the chosen architecture. In this case it is not true, so you would have to rebuild multiple images until have an image which supports arm64

You can find the source code here: GitHub - jbonjean/docker-public-images
and you need to buld the images on the target platform.

Even then it is not a guarantee that all of the Dockerfiles can be built on arm64.