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How can I SSH into the Beta's MobyLinuxVM

Is it possible to install docker plugins such as Rancher Convoy without SSH?

Running docker images to look at the filesystem of the MobyVM is useful and educational, but still no good if you are wanting to do anything which requires restarting the docker engine. e.g. installing plugins, changing drive sizes, defaults for DNS, etc. Some of these options are in the UI…

I am running the latest beta and can see that the tray app has a UI to set some settings, which is helpful. However, in my case I some SSL certs that need to be trusted (I’m behind a transparent SSL proxy and need to trust its CA certs). Is there a way to do that?

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Hi Michael,

Is it enabled now? Will i be able to SSH to MobyLinuxVM with latest docker for windows beta release 1.13.0-beta38 (9805)

Is it enabled now?
I want to change ip/port mapping but do not want to recreate the container.

Any update? I need to be able to ssh into the host machine ASAP.

You can already mount the Docker socket, and instead of trying to use a binary from the Moby host, you can run a container that has the Docker CLI binary in it, like this one:

I’m just learning about docker volumes and try to figure out how to copy files from volume (for back-up purpose for example) and the first thing that come to my head was to SSH to MobyLinuxVM. But apparently it’s imposible.
Does anybody know how actually I’m supposed to copy content of docker volumes in Docker for Windows?

Does anybody know how actually I’m supposed to copy content of docker volumes in Docker for Windows?

Start a container with the volume and use docker cp:

Thank you!
I managed to copy files from mounted volume by passing container’s destination path of mounted volume :slight_smile:
But is it possible to copy volume’s data from volume that is not mounted (unused)? Do I always need to mount volume to container to copy it’s content?

Not with Docker for Mac or Windows

Is it now possible to navigate into MobyLinuxVM in a secure way? I need to change conf of some file of the MobyLinnuxVM but i cannot find a safe solution…

I would like to see this enabled too.

Can I use your concept to mount a network drive on the host (MobyLinuxVM)?

I’m executing the following, but I think it is actually mounting the network drive to the temporary container

docker run --net=host --ipc=host --uts=host --pid=host -it --security-opt=seccomp=unconfined --privileged --rm -v /:/host alpine /bin/sh
chroot /host
mkdir -p /mnt/fs01.mycompany.loc/y_drive
mount -t cifs //fs01.mycompany.loc/y_drive /mnt/fs01.mycompany.loc/y_drive -o username=myusername,password=mypassword

Do you know how I can mount a network drive on the host (MobyLinuxVM)? I’m trying to find a workaround to what seems to be limitations in docker.

Now, do you have a better solution?

How can I found out Kafka installed inside MobyLinuxVM. I need to modify

To Docker Staff, just so you know…
I’m experimenting with Flexera’s InstallAnywhere 2018. It supports creating Docker images from other InstallAnywhere installers. However, after installing Docker for Windows, I can’t go any further than this error message from InstallAnywhere:
“Docker engine is running successfully
SSH connection to Docker engine host was unsuccessful.”

I have installed the latest stable Docker for Windows (as available from the download link as of November 2018):
docker --version
Docker version 18.06.1-ce, build e68fc7a

Would you PLEASE enable SSH in Docker for Windows !

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Dear Docker Staff: You have seen that the call for this capability is overwhelming but there is a stunning silence - when will we be able to SSH into docker VM?

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I am also in need of the ability to ssh (or some other form of access) into the VM running the docker daemon. I am having issues getting Docker for Windows to run behind a corporate proxy and it seems to me that setting the proxy configuration on that VM might be a fix for my issue.

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Please made it possible to ssh into the host VM. Or, at least, please made it possible to change the daemon’s configuration file via the desktop UI.