How can I use IPv6 delegated prefix with docker containers?

I have several docker containers running on my linux (mint) home server.

This week my isp enabled IPv6 and also provides prefix delegation.

For my server I have set the ipv6 ip with “ip token set ::1 dev macvlan0” which works fine. The macvlan0 interface gets an ipv6 address with the prefix assigned from my unifi usg router and it ends with ::1.

I have several containers running on a macvlan which have static ipv4 addresses which works fine.

I added an ipv6 address by enabling ipv6 in daemon.json.

I also replaced the macvlan interface with an ipv6 enabled macvlan interface, but I had to do this with an static ipv6 subnet and static ipv6 gateway.

Is it possible to create a macvlan interface which uses the delegated prefix and router which is supplied by the router advertisements?

And is it possible that the containers also use this delegated prefix?