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How change /usr/shar directory

i have a problem with /usr/share. I am on a server when there are no space left on this directory.
When i build my image, i have this problem :

docker build .
Getting image source signatures
Copying blob 5394468c111c done
Copying blob 93156a512b98 done
Copying blob 1a34376a6931 done
Copying blob 9b0c218cbfb1 done
Copying blob f8c518873786 done
Copying config 530d4d0523 done
Writing manifest to image destination
Storing signatures
Error: error creating build container: Error committing the finished image: error adding layer with blob “sha256:93156a512b9854bb32007f4b7f7bb31f3ec271c86f5f20b7617a1b9e3e62577b”: Error processing tar file(exit status 1): open /usr/share/mime/application/ no space left on device

How can i change my configuration for resolve this issue ?

Manny thanks

Please share the output of following commands (executed as root or prefixed with sudo):

docker info --format '{{.Driver}}'
docker info --format '{{.DockerRootDir}}'
docker system df
df --local --exclude-type={overlay,tmpfs} --human-readable

The docker data root folder would be the one that needs to be moved to a different drive, though the foldername does not resamble the typical name or path for the data root folder.

If the problem is located in your data root folder, then take a look at this on how to declare a different folder as data root directory.

Though, depending on the used storage driver, this could be an issue with exceeding the build image size as well.