How do I change the default subnet for Docker?

Hi everyone, I am trying to run ELK through docker-compose. Unfortunately, I cannot get this up and running as docker’s default subnet is causing networking issues. I have tried the follow and the issue still persists:
# How to change the Docker default subnet IP address

Default-address-pool(s) was unrecognizable so I tried to following as well:

  • editing the /etc/default/docker file with DOCKER_EXTRA_ARGS="–default-address-pool,size=24"

(I tried with both pools and pool, the syntax didn’t make a difference)

I have also tried editing the daemon.json file with:

Any help would be much appreciated!

What is your Docker version and host operating system? DOCKER_EXTRA_ARGS is isually not used. daemon.json should be the right configuration file but sometimes that is not used either, so try to intentionally make a mistake in the json and restart Docker to see if the json file is used.