How do I convert an MSIX AppAttach container to Docker?

I am looking to leverage Docker networking as well as MSIX AppAttach packages but need to know if there is a way to convert the MSIX with AppAttach to a Docker Container app

I don’t really know anythnig about MSIX AppAttach, but that does not seem to be compatible with OCI containers (better known as Docker containers) so you should build a Docker image containing your application. Even if it were possible to convert MSIX to Docker compatible image, you would not have a way to reproduce/rebuild that image except converting again. The best you can do is create a Dockerfile and build a Docker image directly.

Rimelek basically its a vhd/vhdx that is mounted with a reg hive and file data similarly to FSLogix which looks like a native installed application on the operating system.

If it is really just a portable data that you can copy into a container, you can try that. On the other hand, copying data doesn’t mean it will work in a Docker container. I believe you could get a better answer on a Microsoft forum. You can also wait if someone can help here, but unfortunately I can’t help much with MSIX AppAttach.


Is the application a console application or GUI based?