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How do I migrate Tutum early adopter discount to an organisation

(Geoff Bowers) #1

Now that Organisation Support is a thing, I’d like to migrate my set-up to a bona fide organisation.

I can’t convert the user account to an organisation as its already bound in a meaningful way to other organisations in DockerHub. The only option I can see is to manually migrate each node cluster, stack and service to the new organisation structure. And then update all the DNS entries to point to the new HAPROXY service CNAMEs. This is a painful, and I am assuming, inescapable conclusion.

My user account has a Tutum Early Adopter Discount applied, and I want to retain this in the new organisation account. How do I migrate this permanent discount to my newly created organisation account?

(Armagan Amcalar) #2

This is a very important issue… with no solutions, AFAIK. I had to create a new organization and pay for all the private images.

(Kickingthetv) #3

Hi modius,

The Tutum early adopter code was only meant for personal accounts, and will not transfer over to Organization accounts.