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How do one get attention to Windows docker issues?

So this is actually a serious topic. There is a bug here that is quite severe since it is not possible to use Docker for Windows.

There are multiple upvotes, people comment every now and then but still it was closed with a non-valid reason.

Why is it like this? I do not experience this with other open source github projects but for some reason issues submitted on various docker repos gets ignored.

Mind you I understand it is an open source project and for anyone to contribute, but I’d think there would be someone who actively monitors/refines issues.

I am unable to do most of the stuff that Docker claims to be ready in Windows (for instance try using an overlay network and swarm in WS2019). I still don’t get how networking works, for instance, I cannot use hostnames of my containers anymore (I was able to, until a few months ago) I sometimes have trouble accessing my host, and this unreliable behavior prevents me to find out what the hell is going on. And the information is so conflicting and scarce.