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How do you see the pushed images in DTR GUI?

(Ralph Kincade) #1

I can see that on my DTR machine the images in the command line at

this contains the images that I just pushed to the DTR

but is there a way to see the images in the DTR in the DTR GUI webpage ???


(Jeff Anderson) #2

There isn’t a component in the DTR gui that shows you what’s in the registry. It is certainly a feature that is planned (announced at dockercon in a breakout session, I believe).

(Ralph Kincade) #3

thanks , is there any app that will show containers in a DTR graphically ?

maybe shipyard ??

(Chris Fordham) #4

There are a number of registry frontends out there that you could probably hook up, only a few support v2 atm.

(Jeff Anderson) #5

DTR does now have a GUI that will show what is inside it now. It got added in DTR 1.4.x.