How docker launch new os in very less memory?

How docker launch new os in very less memory ??

Can you elabarote more on that?

It is not clear what your objective is. Please provide details on what you did/read to come to your conclusion.

Actually i want to know how docker install boot and launch any O.S just in seconds.
On other hand virtual machine take 15-20 min to install boot and launch any O.S

I was affraid to get that respone. A Docker container is not a vm. They use the hosts’s kernel to execute one (somtimes more) isolted processes. A container does not have its own kernel, does not boot, does not run os level services. If only starts the commands (which start processes) defined in the ENTRYPOINT or CMD. It pretty much depends on the started processes how much memory a container uses.

You will find plenty of discussions about the differences of container and vms in this forum.

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Can you tell me one more thing -
Is there any way to launch GUI program inside docker container??

Actualy you can run gui programms for xserver (see: ). I used to run eclipse inside a container that rendered on the (linux) hosts xserver. Xserver implementations exist for Windows as well.

Some images provide novnc inside the container, which provides a webui to get the remote screen… but those are usualy bloody slow.