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How does Docker container scheduler keep a fair resource management for all its container guests?


I am on the hook to investigate the deployment of containers on the cloud environments. I am very familiar with the traditional VM hypervisor style system, but a newbie to the container community. So correct me if I totally make non sense here…

So basically on a cloud container environment, there could be a lot of container guests hosted on the physical machine, then what if a malicious container guest launch somehow a DDOS attack? Would that occupy all the computation resource of on the physical machine?

Or in general, how does container Hypervisor keep a fair resource management for all its guests? I know in the robust VM hypervisor system like VMWare, they have a fairly good CPU and resource scheduling system which seems fair enough. But not sure how does it work, or what can be guaranteed in the container environment.

I googled online but couldn’t find a good starting point. Any suggestion would be appreciated very much. Thanks.