How to access app in container via browser? (which ip/hostname)


Absolutely new to Docker. I’m trying to set up this Quick Start · instructure/canvas-lms Wiki · GitHub

They have a script for Docker that ran without any errors on my Ubuntu 20.04 after I installed Docker and Docker Composer 1.27.4.

Following their documentation, I then run “sudo docker-compose up -d”, also no errors. But then I’m not sure how to navigate to the app on the browser? I tried the obvious localhost, localhost with some ports, etc. No luck.

I’m also not sure where I should be looking for logs to determine what to look for. Their setup has a “docker-compose.override.yml” which contains the following:

<<: *BASE
VIRTUAL_HOST: .canvas.docker
HTTPS_METHOD: noredirect
# AR_QUERY_TRACE: ‘true’
# AR_QUERY_TRACE_TYPE: ‘all’ # ‘all’, ‘write’, or ‘read’

I checked http://canvas.docker, also no luck. Any ideas?