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How to add persistent nodes to swarm with different instance type?

(Rbolkey) #1

Is there any advice for adding a couple persistent nodes to the swarm (in order to support a database) of a different instance type (in order to support an SSD local store)? Should this be a separate Cloudformation stack or nested stack? I’m a little hesitant to modify the provided cloudformation stack.

My understanding for deploying the containers is that I’d need the nodes to have named volumes and use constraints when deploying.


(Wolfgangpfnuer) #2

I’d just use RDS to be honest, as long as you’re using a relational DB :wink:


(Rbolkey) #3

Alas, we’re not. It’s a NoSQL store that’s not wire compatible with any of AWS’s services. We can deploy them traditionally if it’ll be more hassle than its worth.

(Michael Friis) #4

Another user managed to get a volume plugin working with EFS:

Please note that this should probably only be used for experimentation :slight_smile: