How to auto redistribute tasks after recovery of a swarm node

Hi, I use a swarm with 3 nodes and a few services started with “docker stack deploy” out of a compose yaml descriptor. The capacity of the nodes is calculated such that when one of them dies then the swarm can redistribute the tasks of the services to the remaining two nodes. The issue I have is that when a dead node recovers the tasks are not redistributed back to it. I know that this is what the documentation says is what is supposed to happen, but this is not what I want to achieve. The drawback to this behavior is that after one node dies and recovers the swarm keeps the other two nodes stressed while the recovered node is almost idle and so the risk of failure increases. I am looking for a way to tell the swarm to force redistribution of the tasks after a node has recovered.
Does anyone have had a similar concern and maybe a solution to it?

This is a feature I would love as well: