How to change partition / directory

Hello all,

I am installing a docker of BTCPayServer as instructed by GitHub - btcpayserver/btcpayserver-docker: Docker resources for hosting BTCPayServer easily . After installing it will download the bitcoin blockchain which is around 500 Gb of data. The partition the docker is installed at is too small to handle this, so I like to use another partition.

What I did understand is to update the

- “btcpay_datadir:/home/nomishka/BTCPayServer/generated_bitcoin_datadir”
- “nbxplorer_datadir:/root/.nbxplorer”
- “/root/.ssh/authorized_keys:${BTCPAY_SSHAUTHORIZEDKEYS}”
- “btcpay_pluginsdir:/root/.btcpayserver/Plugins”
- “clightning_bitcoin_datadir:/etc/clightning_bitcoin”
- “clightning_bitcoin_spark:/etc/clightning_bitcoin_spark”
- “clightning_bitcoin_charge:/etc/clightning_bitcoin_charge”
- “clightning_bitcoin_rtl_datadir:/etc/clightning_bitcoin_rtl”
- “clightning_bitcoin_rest_datadir:/etc/clightning_bitcoin_rest”
- “tor_servicesdir:/var/lib/tor/hidden_services”
- “tor_torrcdir:/usr/local/etc/tor/”

So in this part I changed “btcpay_datadir:/home/nomishka/BTCPayServer/generated_bitcoin_datadir” . But now it gave an error when starting btcpayserver, please see the screenshot

Curious what we are doing wrong and how to solve it.

Thanks for helping.