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How to control the multiple nodes scaling (EVERY_NODE just for example)?

(Feih) #1

Hi, I used docker-compose to load my application on one single node, it seems good. Then when I’m trying to “scale” to multiple nodes, UCP does deployed new containers on different node but all new containers are running on same node. So how can I:

  1. Control the scaling to something like “EVERY_NODE”? I do have “affinity” in my docker-compose file but UCP seems not using it at all.
  2. Some of the parameters in my docker compose file get picked up by the scaling, but some are not. For example: the “ports” was carried over, but the “privileged”, “net” and “affinity” were not. How UCP decide which one to use while scaling and how to manage that?

Can someone please share some information/knowledge on these issues?
thanks in advance!

(Vivek Saraswat) #2

Hi feih,

  1. I was able to reproduce the same issue and will get the team to look at it for a fix. However we noticed one short-term workaround–if you enable multi-host-networking across your hosts then it will scale across different nodes.

  2. This is a known bug and the team is currently working on it; scaled containers are supposed to have these parameters carried over.

Thanks for catching these!


(Feih) #3

ok I’ll try multi-host-networking as you suggested.
And yes it will be nice if we can have it fixed there.
thanks for the update!

(Vivek Saraswat) #4

Also, are you running UCP 1.0.1? Just want to confirm.

(Feih) #5

yes it is 1.0.1. thx