How to deploy the same Docker configuration to multiple machines?

Hi there, please help sort me out. Leveling up here, new user on Docker tech. I want to make sure I get started correctly here.

I just spun up a Ubuntu machine. Now I want to install Easy Appointments and some other packages to be deployed on multiple machines going forward. Basically making a template website to use on multiple machines. So now do I install Docker on this Ubuntu machine or do I make an Ubuntu container on Docker and install Easy Appointments in the Docker container and then deploy to the Ubuntu machine I just spun up and can continue to deploy the Docker container to multiple machines?


I am trying to understand this question but I can’t. You need Docker installed on a machine in order to run a Docker container. How would you run a container to install Docker inside which would manage Docker containers? I know it is possible, but I am pretty sure you are here because you want to use Docker and not other container technology to install Docker on that.

If you want to run an application in a Docker container, then the first step is to install Docker. It can be on Ubuntu or other supported operating system too. If Easy Appointment is some web based application, then you probably can run it in Docker containers. You can search for existing images too or create your own image.

One thing that you should never do is run a Docker container and interactively install an application inside. Unless it is just a quick test.