How to enable encryption on a user-defined overlay network?

I read somewhere that encryption for an overlay network had to be enabled by a driver option when creating a new network.

What is the syntax for enabling encryption?

I couldn’t find this in the User Documentation anywhere. Is this option supported in 1.12?

According to you do it like this:

docker network created -d overlay --opt secure <nw_name>

Can you find any official documentation on this?

According to this blog, the option is called “encrypted”.

If there is no documentation on this feature, I don’t feel good about using it in production. Maybe this feature didn’t make the cut for 1.12 and it is only “experimental”?

I’m still looking for documentation on this feature…

Can anyone point me to definitive documentation indicating that this feature is supported in GA 1.12?

You may wish to checkout weave for secure networking. When launched with password creates secure network with local dns to run containers on.

@ktwalrus Docs for swarm mode / overlay networking are being worked on here and here. It just takes a while as each change gets meticulous review.