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How to expose docker service to extenal world on windows server 2016

(Alfianabdi) #1

Hi there.

I have working ucp cluster, One linux manager, one linux worker and one windows worker. All running docker ee 17.06-5 on ubuntu 16.04 and windows server 2016.

Service work just fine in linux worker. I can access my wordpress service via {HOST_IP}:{SERVICE_PORT}
but that is not the case for windows worker, I cannot access my sitecore service via {HOST_IP}:{SERVICE_PORT}, thought the container is running.
if I run my sitecore using docker container run, I can access it via {HOST_IP}:{CONTAINER_PORT}, so my sitecore container is fine

the ucp docs says :
The swarm mode routing mesh can’t be used on Windows nodes. You can expose a port for your service in the host where it is running, and use the HTTP routing mesh to make your service accessible using a domain name.

how can I expose I service to external world then?

another problem is, everytime I restart the windows host, the ucp-proxy is dead, and thus the node is considered down by the manager. How to solve this?